COG The Big Smoke

Johanna Dress in Coal


one size

A dress with a straight body and inwardly folded armholes and deep slits at the hems on both sides.

The dress features a three-dimensional silhouette created by a deep box tuck in the centre of the back and a generous amount of body width created by the inwardly folded armholes.

The sleeveless design covers the arms well, and the generous silhouette creates lots of air around the body, making it a very cool dress.

Created from a sustainable material made from recycled materials such as used plastic bottles.

It has excellent water absorbency and quick-drying properties, and is extremely cool, making it the perfect material for Japan's hot summers.

It has a cotton-like texture, but because it is 100% polyester, it does not wrinkle and is easy to care for, making it ideal for travel and other activities.

The excellent colouring of the polyester gives it a luxurious appearance, making it hard to believe it is a recycled material. This extraordinary material is a Cog standard that has many repeat customers.