Fall is here and the time is right for ALICE. Fall is here and the time is right for ALICE.


How Alice Got Her Name

How Alice Got Her Name

Alice was my inseparable bff from High School (don't worry, we are still bff's) - that's me on the left and Alice on the right back in the 70's. She was the one who knew all of my secrets, all of my heartaches, all of my unrequited crushes. We cruised Krystal every weekend and planned our futures (married to best friends, living next door to one another and driving matching Mercedes) She is 100% the sole reason I was able to pass High School biology.

You know those friends that just make you feel like the best version of yourself? That is Alice. She was confident and comfortable in her own skin - so rare in a teenager. She made me feel stronger, smarter, braver...

What does this have to do with clothing? Clothes have also given me that same sense of belonging. Whatever I found intimidating, whether it was talking to boys, understanding biology or interviewing for a job I wasn't qualified for, friendship and clothing have given me the confidence I needed to face whatever was ahead.

It was in this spirit that I created Shop Alice. In the hopes that others can find the same unique comfort of friendship and belonging that I have through the covering of clothing. Clothing that is distinctive and special, that you can inhabit and feel like the best version of you. Come see for yourself.

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