Paris Diaries 2.0 - Fall Fashion Week

Paris Diaries 2.0 - Fall Fashion Week

Paris Diaries 2.0

Back from another wonderful whirlwind week in Paris!

Fashion Week is such a treat as the streets are filled with the most fabulous fashionistas. We were stumbling upon runway shows on the sidewalk, photoshoots, celebs and every combination of looks you can possibly imagine.

It felt like designers were just busting out with color, pattern and fun, and it is just the anecdote we need amongst all of the grim news lately.

Pantone’s color of the year for 2022 is “Very Peri” - a purple blue hue and it was EVERYWHERE.

Brace yourselves if you’re not a purple person (which technically I am not) because it showed up in every hue and by the end of the week, I was loving the beautiful shades we saw. 

Other trends we saw on the street as well as in the showrooms were:

  • Vests - long and short (We have some in stock now so you can get a jump on things.)
  • Suiting - especially fun plaids and bright colors
  • Oversized blazers paired with jeans (still no skinnies)
  • Corduroy  - pants and blazers in vibrant colors
  • Fluffy fun sweaters - lightweight alpaca sweaters in colorful stripes and patterns

Did you see how many times I said the word “color”?  There’s just no getting around it people, so find the shade you love and embrace it!

à bientôt 



Sep 15, 2023

My friend Josephine Darwin told me how fabulous your store is and I can’t wIt to come in!

Honey Doramus

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