Paris Diaries Day 1 (October 2021)

Paris Diaries Day 1 (October 2021)

L’habit ne fait pas le moine!

Paris is barely in my rear view mirror and I am ready to go back!

Now that the jet lag has cleared, we at Alice wanted to share a little bit of the “Paris Diaries” with you. 

After a non eventful flight over - traveling to a foreign country was surprisingly easy. I’ll admit we were a little foggy but nonetheless we were able to focus on finding some exciting new brands exclusive to Alice and Nashville.

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What we learned Day 1

1. Wear a scarf - in Paris virtually no man or woman is without some type of scarf

2. There is not a skinny Jean in all of Paris - ditch yours and go for narrow straight or a wider leg.

3. Lug sole boots - everywhere with everything - I got carried away and may have bought 3 pair in my frantic desire to look Parisian.

4. And last, even if I went straight from the Chanel Boutique to the plane, I would feel frumpy upon arrival. You just can’t get that French je ne sais quoi (or at least I can’t) in part because I’m not French.

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